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Encyclopedia of Law

Chadman's cyclopedia of law, embracing the branches of American jurisprudence by Charles E. Chadman, published in 1906.

Volume 1: How to Study Law.

Practical suggestions to students, business men, women and all others who desire a knowledge of the elementary pronciples of law, including a clear presentation of the elements of.

Volume 2: Constitutional Law: Federal and State.

A clear and complete analysis of the constitution, together with a summary of the leading decisions and basic principles which go to make up the fundamental law of the state and nation.

Volume 3: Personal Rights and Domestic Relations.

A clear exposition of the rights of individuals and the domestic relations, inscluding a complete analysis of the 5 topics: husband and wife, parent and child, guardian and ward, infancy, and master and servant.

Volume 4: Contracts and Partnership.

All the essential elements necessary to make a complete and bending contract, together with a full explanation of the law of partnership, with many forms of both contracts and partnerships.

Volume 5: Agency and Bailments.

Clearly and with brevity the law governing delegated authority, showing the rights, duties, and liabilities of the various classes of bailees, including innkeepers, postmasters, telegraph commpanies and common carriers.

Volume 6: Negotiable Instruments and Principal and Surety.

A full discussion of the origin and history of commercial paper, bills of exchange, promissory notes, and the law of guaranty and suretyship, with statutory modifications of them which obtain in many states.

Volume 7: Wills or the Law of Succession After Death.

The origin and history of wills, the statute of wills, the interpretation of wills, statutory enactments governing wills, with forms and a summary of the statutes of descent and distribution and the law of administration.

Volume 8: Sales of Personal Property and Equity of Chancery Jusisprudence.

The Principles of law governing all contracts of sale, including the formation of the contract, the effect of the statute of frauds, conditions, warranties, and the rights of the parties for a breach of the contract, including stoppage in Transilu.

Volume 9: Principles of the Law of Private and Public Corporations.

The history, formation, creation and classification of corporations; corporate powers and liabilities; municipal corporations; administrative corporations, etc.

Volume 10: Principles of the Law of Real Property and the Law of Pleading and Practice at Common Law.

Volume 11: A Treatise on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

Criminal evidence and criminal pleading; also a treatise on the law of evidence.

Volume 12: International Law and Legal Ethics.

A review of the international laws on which governmental rights are based; relations in times of war and peace; also a treatise on the relation of lawyer and client; legal forms and general index.

Irish Celts

Irish Tribal Society

Encylopedia of Irish race, history, and distinguished Irish ancestors, by James O'Brien, published in 1884.

Farmer's Cyclopedia of Live Stock

History, Anatomy and Physiology, and Breeding of Domestic Animals, Principles of stock Feeding, Diseases of Animals, Business Aspects of Stock Farming, Animal Products, Horses and Mules, The Beef Cattle Industry, Dairy Cattle and Dairy Farming, Swine, Sheep and Goats, Poultry, Other Useful Animals, by Earley Vernon Wilcox, Ph.D., and Clarence Beaman Smith, M.S.

The Farmer's and Planter's Encyclopedia of Rural Affairs

Besides holding out to individual and families the most permanent prospect of employment and subsistence, Agriculture provides the basic survival elements, without which a human body could not exist, by Johnson, Cuthbert William, 1799-1878; Emerson, G. (Gouverneur), 1796-1874

Preventive Medicine and Hygiene

Here you will find topics on prevention of the communicable diseases, how diseases spread, insect-born diseases, miscellaneous diseases, mental hygiene, public health measures and methods, immunity heredity, and eugenics, animal foods, sanitary water, air, soil, sewage disposal, industrial hygiene and diseases of occupation. and disinfection, by Milton J. Rosenau, 1922

Annals of Surgery

The occurrence of ventral hernia as a sequence of abdominal section is so common that it should command our thoughtful consideration. The variety of incisions recommended for the same surgery shows that surgeons in no way share the same thought process and procedures, by American Surgical Association, New York Surgical Society.

Wood and other organic structural materials

Presents general as well as physical characteristics of a group of structural materials, most of which are of organic origin. Engineers, architects, students in studying technology, and teachers will find this most useful, by Charles Henry Snow.


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A treatise on colour manufacture

A guide to the preparation, examination, and application of all the pigment colours in practical use, by George Zerr and Dr. R. Rubencamp.

The preservation of structural timber

The wood-preservation insustry is one of those which is aiding in the great movement for efficiency in operation and in the conservation of our natural resources, by Howard Frederick Weiss.

Outdoor Work

This collection of works is intended to help young generation to earn money, build character, and be better people, by Mary Farrand and Rogers Miller.

The Field of Disease

The prevention, no less than the cure of disease, is now understood to belong to the function of the physician, to whom alone the public can look for protection as well as for rescue. In here you will find information on General diseases affecting mankind, local diseases, diseases from natural accidents, diseases of artificial origin, phenomena and course, acquired diseases from inorganic and organic poisons, acquired diseases from physical agencies, mechanical and general, diseases from mental agencies, moral emotionlal, and habital, as well as origins and causes of disease, by Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson.

Health, Disease And Remedy

Vital and chemical relatons of the blood, the circulation of the blood, conditions essential to the formation of healthy blood, relation between digestion, circulation of the blood, respiration, and action, rest and sleep, observations on food in relation to climate and condition, mental influence, the sympathy between the skin and the internal organs, the art of healing in some of its principles and appliances, natural medicine, regimen, and diet, etc., by George Moore, M.D..

The Prevention of Disease

Prevention of the disease of childhood introduced as the most essential subject in preventive medicine. by Robert Alexander Craig.>

Diseases of swine, with special reference to the preventive measures of disease

The literature bearing on diseases of hogs is very scattering, and it is believed that a short treatise on this subject will be of use to stockmen and veterinarians alike, by Kenelm Winslow, B.A. S., M.D.

The Philosophy of Mental Healing

A Practical Exposition of Natural Restorative Power. Here you will find unorthodox ideas and practices that can induce your brain into healing the very body it resides in, by Leander Edmund Whipple.

Encyclopaedia of Veterinary Medicine Surgery & Obstetrics

Veterinary Medicine - Volume 1

Practical side of veterinary practice and a reference guide as it pertains to the profession itself, by Hentry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton.

Surgery & Obstetrics - Volume 2

Veterinary Surgery as it pertains to the manual intrusion into the body of the animals, by Hentry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton.

Life Indeed

A path of finding yourself through Lord and Jesus Christ, by Edward Benton Coe.

Can Telepathy Explain

This is something the mankind has wondered and debated about for ages. Is there more to our mind than we think?, by Minot Judson Savage.

History of The City of New York

History of the Settlement planted by the Dutch on the island of Manhattan from its earliest days until the accession of William and Mary to the throne of England, when a new period in the life of the American period began, by Macmillan Company.

American Finance

For those who inquire about the public expenditures and revenues, money and banking, by Albert Sidney Bolles.

Forty Years of American Finance

A short financial history of the government and people of The United States since the Civil War, by Alexander Dana Noyes.

The Science of Finance

Historical Development and relationship between science and financial instruments, by Gustav Cohn.


Healthy diet, nutrition, and supplements, by Variety of Sources.

Discourses on Architecture.

The architectural work of our own country indicates clearly enough that we have made the largest and most catholic use of European precedent, and endeavored to repeat Eropean forms with all the fidelity in our power. by Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, Henry Van Brunt, Benjamin Bucknall.

Elements of Life Insurance

Here you will find elements of probability, rate-making one-year term, pure endowments and life annuities, whole life and limited payment, endowment insurances, return premium insurances, joint life insurances, loading-preliminary term, and other useful terms, by Miles Menander Dawson.

Build Well

Plain Truths relating to the obligations of marriage and parentage, by Cordelia Agnes Greene.

Fire Insurance

The Essentials of the Fire Insurance Business, by Edward Augustus Ketcham.

How To Build A Fortune

When thought and skill are expended in earning money, the money itself is worthy of as much respect as the thought and skill that produced it. by Thomas Tapper.

Building A House

Of all the architectural problems of the day there is not one of greater importance or difficulty than that of building a house which shall fulfuil the various needs and conditions of a modern dwelling, by Viollet-Le-Duc.

Youth & Opportunity

We are builders of our own characters. We have different positions, spheres, capacities, privileges, different work to do in the world, different temporal fabrics to raise; but we are all alike in this, - all are architects of fate, by Thomas Tapper.